Your donations make PTA run!

The Whale Walk is our main fundraising event and allows our school community to participate in raising money to support enriching learning experiences at Cedar Wood like Art Docents, Watch DOGS, providing robots for Robotics Club, Culture Night and assemblies. We also support teacher and classroom grants, and family fun events. This cannot happen without your donations!

Need another donation form or a copy of our fundraising packet?

Our school-wide goal is $38,000.

Our target donation is $75 per student. Donate by cash, check or online at PTA donations are tax deductible. Employer matching programs from Boeing, Microsoft, Google, and others can help us reach our fundraising goal. Our Whale Walk fundraiser wraps up on October 11 when students participate in student fun run where they will run, hop, limbo, slow motion, skip and more while having a great time with classmates.

All Students get a Whale Walk Stride with Pride T-shirt!

Other rewards include flash light pen, delta dancer kite, bike tire light, VIP ice cream sundae party with Principal Rhodes and a virtual reality headset.

2019 Platinum Whale Level Sponsors