Whale Walk

Thank you for your support!

2017_students_mascotThe Whale Walk is our main fundraising event in the Fall. It allows  the school community to participate in raising money to support enriching learning experiences at Cedar Wood. Students request donations from family, friends and neighbors. Once the donations are collected, the students participate in the Whale Walk during lunch recess.

For 20 minutes they will run, hop, limbo, slow motion, skip and more while having a great time with classmates. More than 95% of the funds donated will go to PTA and back out to our many school wide programs.

In the past few years the Whale Walk has been so successful that we’ve been able to fund additional Wish List items for the school! We are confident that we can reach our fundraising goal of this year.

Additional Fundraising Opportunities

  • Box Tops for Education
  • Labels for Education
  • Rewards Shopping (Fred Meyer, Amazon)

2017 Whale Walk Update2017_mascot
We met our goal! Donations received: $37,550. Pledged matching 8,000+.

Class Prizes:
Most Spirited: Sparks, Polks & Field
Highest Donations: Collins
Highest % Participation: Jones & Tibbits