Cedar Wood Elementary PTA is honored to have so many dedicated teachers, volunteers and students get acknowledged for their work. Congratulations Seawolves!!!

PTA Individual Awards

Awards Nomination form: Click here. Nomination deadline is March 25, 2022

How to Nominate someone for an Award: Recognition happens annually, and anyone from the community may submit a nominations form, for each person whom they feel exemplifies the characteristics for an award. A committee comprised of at least 3 past Golden Acorn winners reviews all submissions.

The Golden Acorn Award is one of the most prestigious Washington state PTA awards. It’s given by a local PTA a school or community volunteer in recognition of their dedication and service to children and youth. Since the beginning of this program in the 1930s, more than 54,000 Golden Acorn Awards have been presented to volunteers throughout Washington state. Recipients receive a certificate and pin, and a contribution is made in their name to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Program that benefits students. Recognition happens annually, and the community chooses the recipient through an online survey and voting.

Outstanding Educator Award is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions in their community to enhance the educational outcomes of all children or youth. An educator is not limited to a teacher and may be defined as a teacher, assistant, specialist, support staff, administrator or community member. Recipients receive a certificate and pin, and a contribution is made in their name to the WSPTA Scholarship Program that benefits students.

Outstanding Advocate Award In 2011, Washington State PTA created the Outstanding Student Advocate Award to recognize student PTA members who have made significant contributions through leadership and service in their school and community. The Outstanding Student Advocate Award may be presented by local PTAs, councils and regions. Recipients receive a certificate and pin, and a contribution is made in their name to the WSPTA Scholarship Program that benefits students.

YearGolden AcornOutstanding Educator
2022Amy WeiherJane Sparks & Tammy Whipple
2021Mike Wheeler & Paula SmithBruce Rhodes & Tara Polk
2020Heidi Asplund & Kim CombsMark Smith & Aaron Olson
2019Beenish Iqbal & Krista McKeeDenise Butler & Whitney Teague
2018Stacy Hamilton & Naomi ThompsonJohn Pappas & Janet Kim
2017Stacey Benjamin & Michelle SpanoMelissa McMullen & Barbara Tibbits
2016Kristy Mothersbaugh & Scott SimonsenBob Bradley & Elaine Byram
2015Jen Hirman & Angie HollandPam Fuelling
2014Heather Morrow & Corinne JohansonMark Dersom & Sheila Tonne
2013Kristi Patricelli & Linda HarrisKathy Reese
2012Georgina Johns & Emily BrunswickTerry Coleman & Becky Hitchcock
2011Merav Caspi & Lisa SiemeringVirginia DeLisle
2010Darcel Fogerty & Tawni FinkeLynn Watson & Heather Barrett
2009Michelle Anderson, Bonnie Bussy
& Bryan Handrickson
Jean Wagner & Dianne Lundberg
2008Toni Watkins & Julie PetersonJodi Todd, Fran Hartman,
Maria Spencer, Carol McKissick
2007Renee Poor & Stephanie BodenNot Issued
2006Anne Handrickson & Akiko HoonNot Issued
2005Carol Roe & Cindy StanleyKim Johansen
2004Nancy SlohlJeanne Dahl & Linda Lockman
2003Loran Bond & Emily WhiteKathy Reese
2002Alicia Fitzpatrick & Shonda ReinikkaGreg Gelderman
2001Michelle MineartBrian Webber & Veronica Wigre
2000Janelle Jaeger & Holli RedingtonAlison Wysong
1999Aline Bensen, Kim Lang, Michelle ToddNot Issued
1998Candy Halligan, Vickie Ray, Sue WaldinNot Issued
1997Denise Butler, Liz Frederickson, Randy PeakNot Issued
1996Lynn Dee Blair, Patti KressNot Issued
1995Nanci Morris, Pam SpenceNot Issued
1994Dona Eddy, Jackie NelsonNot Issued
1993Linda Corcoran, Diane Lundberg, Carol McdonaldNot Issued
1992Steve Powell, Ana ReaNot Issued
YearThe Acorn Recipients – Outstanding Advocate
2021Clarissa Phillips
2020Not Issued
2019Not Issued
2018Jen Hirman
2017Dr. David Jones
2016Shirley Bryant
2015Marion Gillins
2014Amanda Cox
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