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If you would like to volunteer at a PTA event or at Cedar Wood Elementary in the classroom, you must first complete and submit a volunteer application (Hint: look for the QUICKLINKS on the right hand side) and background check with the Everett Public School District. Once accepted your volunteer status will be good for 2 years. Thank you for understanding.

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Who are our volunteers?

Come be a part of the excitement. It takes many volunteers to make a successful Parent Teacher Association. These volunteers are parents, teachers and other professionals like you, who give their time to make the school environment a better place. But be careful—you might have fun!

Committee Chair Handbook (Updated 9/28/22)

We are always looking for capable volunteers with a knack for leadership who love to work with children and adults. If you fit this description and have some time to spare, this may be a great opportunity to show off those talents and gain some leadership experience! What better reward than getting to know your community and school better—for the enrichment of your child. Consider the executive committee or committee chair positions. There’s something for everyone!

Don’t want to be in a leadership position but still want to help? While it’s true, we need leaders, equally important are volunteers who just want to lend a hand. There are many positions that are fun and easy to do, that do not require huge time commitments. Please take a look at the many committees that are the muscle of the PTA organization. No job is too small and your help is always appreciated! Go to the Committee Descriptions page for a list of all committee positions and their respective job descriptions. We also have a current contact list of those committee chairs if you’d like to ask them questions and find out how you can help. It’s never too late!

Volunteer Sign-Up

We are always looking for volunteers to fill positions of committee chairs, co-chairs, apprentices or helpers. A few of the committees need an apprentice for the up-coming year (affectionately called a “shadow”) — someone to learn the ropes of the position in preparation for becoming a committee chair the following year. If you haven’t volunteered before, no worries! Training opportunities are offered throughout the year. If you have any questions about volunteering, email Amy Weiher, President@CedarWoodPTA.org or if you have a question on a volunteer sign-up, email Aanya Levine Volunteer@CedarWoodPTA.org

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