Get a little extra support!

The Cedar Wood PTA has established a grant process to make funds available to staff at Cedar Wood Elementary for activities and projects designed to “provide a positive, enriching environment where we live, learn, and grow peacefully together.”

Application & Review Process

To apply for grant funding, please answer the questions in the following application and submit it in a word document or directly in the fillable PDF form before the due date. Completed grant applications may be emailed to Please follow the instructions carefully and answer each question completely.

Applications will be reviewed by a grant application committee and scored as outlined in the instructions. Average scores will be calculated for each application and will be used as a guide for awarding funds. Applications recommended for funding will be presented to the school leadership team for approval.

Note: Applications for projects involving subscriptions or curriculum must be cleared by the Cedar Wood Elementary Principal BEFORE submission.

Purpose of Funding

Grant funds are intended to be used for short-term projects designed to impact the students at Cedar Wood Elementary.  It is expected that Cedar Wood staff will be the primary applicants for the grant funding, though parents may also initiate projects if they work with a staff sponsor and focus their projects at the school. This funding is not intended to replace emergency funding or scholarship funding; if you need to access either emergency or scholarship funding, please contact the PTA. Unless prior arrangements are made, funding must be used during the current school year; unspent funds will be reallocated to the general budget for carry-over to the following year.

Grant funds may NOT be used for the following: transportation, facilities modifications, or staff salaries.

Applying for a grant is easy!

The Fall 2023 grant cycle will open soon!

Total Available: $2,000
Application Due Date: TBD
Decision Date: TBD

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