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Running Club Miles/Steps tracking form:

(Fill out this form every Sunday for your previous weeks miles/steps)

There are still pedometers & a few youth t-shirts available for purchase.

Welcome back to school!!! From Mrs. Reese

I am excited for another great year of the Sea Wolf Striders! This year, the running club is starting off a little bit different with all of us being remote. Running club is happening, but for now it will be virtual. Running club is FREE and open to all grades.

You will still be tracking your miles (honor system) to earn foot tokens. 

I will keep you informed as I know more about how exactly the running club will work.  


Welcome to Virtual Running Club 2020/2021 (UPDATE: 10/12/2020)

We miss seeing your smiling faces Friday mornings and hope we are able to see you soon. In the meantime, Running Club is still happening, it is just virtual.

Following is the current plan, as the school year evolves, our plan may change and we will let you know as that happens.

Your student(s) are going to be tracking their laps, mileage or steps and turning them in via Canvas for us to record.

How are they going to do this? Mrs. Reese is going to set-up an Assignment (by grade level) in Canvas called, “Running Club”. Your student(s) will be able to go into the assignment area, click on, “Running Club” and add their information into the sheet.

Mrs. Reese will be going over the details with each class as she has them for PE. Your student(s) can enter information multiple times a week (in the same space, adding to your previous total) or just once a week.

We will take the information recorded by your student(s) and record the information once a week, on Friday into our tracking sheet. Once we have a better understanding of how things are working, we will start working on getting the shoestring necklaces and feet charms to students who have earned them.

As when we are face to face, our youngest Striders will probably need some help from adults or older siblings to track and record their mileage. Since we are virtual, your student(s) can participate more than once a week, it all counts. The tracking sheet should be live by Friday 10/16/20, Striders will be able to record their Whale Walk participation

Ways to track your distance (these are just suggestions if you have a different way it’s totally fine to use it!):

  • Pedometer, Fitbit, phone app, # of laps around our track, etc.

Ways to record your distance (Whichever one you choose simply note Laps, miles, or steps in the Canvas tracking sheet):

  • 1 lap around our school track is ¼ mile (you may note this in laps or miles)
  • 1 mile = 2000 steps (this is approximate, but this is what we will use as our measurement)

Parents, if you have questions or need help, please feel free to contact us at the Running Club email,  Kathy Reese & Linda Harris

The following gear items are optional and are not required to be in Running Club!

  • If you need help with tracking, we are offering a pedometer for purchase. STILL AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!
  • ORDER PLACED 9/25/20: You are also still able to show your Sea Wolf Strider’s spirit with a t-shirt (yellow) and/or sweatshirt (blue)!
  • ORDER PLACED 9/25/20: Printed on the back will be this year’s slogan: There’s no such thing as Too Early, Too Cold, Too Far, Too Covid! 
  • ORDER PLACED 9/25/20: You will also be able to order an additional Fitness Kit to help you stay fit at home! Included in the kit: Speed Stacking Cups, Juggling Scarves, Jump rope, Bean bag, and Voit Super 90 Ball!

**If you want to participate in Running Club, and are not purchasing any of the gear, PLEASE send us an email to be included on the Running Club update emails!

Deadline for ordering all of the gear is September 25, 2020

Keep Running,

Mrs. Reese (I miss you all!)

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